Aussie 3 minute Miracle - Thanks Cheryl

So I walk into Tesco to buy some bread and Lemsip and saw that they had an offer on Aussie products. I bought the Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor and thought I would try it out and if it was a good as everyone raved about incorporate it into my regime on Wednesday when I do my cowash and Joico Intense Hydrator Conditioner.


As I get to the cashier and she rings it up, the cashier who I'll call 'Cheryl' (because of her similiarity to Cheryl Cole) scans it it and says:

Cheryl: "Have you tried this"

Me: "No, but I heard its good"

Cheryl:"It is so amazing... its like... the best conditioner ever, I like totally tried it and my hair felt amazing, then I totally stopped using it and couldn't understand why my hair felt so rubbish, then my friend said what conditioner are you using and I completely realised that it was because I had stopped using this stuff... so anyway, its really good"

Me: (after I close my mouth wondering how she managed to talk so fast) "Thats good to know, Thanks!"

So here's to Cheryl as on her recommendation I tried this conditioner and it is amazing!! I have squeezed it into my regime and hope to give a proper review after a few weeks of using it.

Thanks again Cher

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity!


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