Tangle Teezer - Day 19

All in all this is an interesting tool and I have given it a good almost three week trial. It was really useful for smoothing but was obviously made for people with longer hair and would probably work better with fine hair or for untangling extensions. It did work well with wet hair and my newly relaxed hair but not so well when my hair was bone dry or getting extremely coarse. The best thing with this tool was that breakage was next to nil and you could count the hairs as the bristles are really far apart.

I will still keep using my Teezer, but probably not whilst I am stretching as my hair does get really coarse. However, that was why I bought it, so although not completely disappointed as it is a good tool, it may generally work better as my hair gets longer and I can manoeuvre it better. The Teezer is great if you have given up your old bristle brush in favour of a wide tooth comb and are really missing something for smoothing down stray hairs.

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Anyone else had bad or good experiences with the Teezer??

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