Pak Cosmetics

If you live in London chances are you will have come across a Pak store during your hair journey. Although I used to shop there when I lived in Essex, since I moved to the sticks I hadn't tried their online store, I had kinda given up on getting all my stuff from a store that sold everything. Several of you had commented on their online store (Both retail and wholesale) and I thought "okay, cool, I will have to try them one day".

I ordered stuff on Monday around 7:00 before I went to work. Of course being stingy I asked for the cheeapest postage, £5 to deliver a box of heavy hair product in 3-5 days, seemed reasonable.

Lo and behold at 4:00 this after noon (just over two days after my initial order my pacage from Pak arrived by Royal Mail. Fair dues to Royal Mail for getting it here so soon, but Pak Cosmetics must have dispatched it on Monday afternoon for me to get it that fast. My goods were also well packaged.

Thanks Pak's

They also had a good range of products from my favourite PhytoSpecific Range to Elast QP. I bought some coconut oil, of which I had been having trouble getting hold of. An d to top it off they were all reasonaly priced.

Live in sticks need good hair stuff, I suggest giving Pak's Cosmetics online store a try! They are currently having a 10% off sale.

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