Phyto Specific Skin Care Range

Its no secret and if you read this blog regularly you will know that I love the phytospecific hair care range. So I guess you would not be surprised that I just purchase products from their skin range. I have always thought of my self as similar to a variagated leaf, as my skin has always been patchy and I have many dark/light pigmented areas all over my face. All in all it is a mess and my uneven skin tone was driving me insane.

As I had decided to become vain, I thought I might as well go the whole hog and try their skin care range... not just for my face but for my entire body

I purchased:

PhytoSpecific Anti-Dark Spots Concentrate
Packed with Hibiscus (reduce cohesion, accelerate natural desquamation process), this easy applicator guarantees optimum effectiveness to reduce the appearance of spots leaving you with flawless, fabulous skin.

PhytoSpecific Unifying Complex
Using phytospecific's exclusive depigmenting technology AnaMelanium formulated to attack pigment disorder, reduce blemishes and significantly unify skin.

PhytoSpecific Nourishing Body Creme
Offers long lasting rehydrating action and is suitable for dry to very dry skin. Intensely nourishes skin but is not greasy.

You can buy these products from Pak Cosmetics and AfroTherapy.

So far my only comments are that they all smell amazing, I went up to my husband and said "smell my face", because I was so pleased they had arrived, I tried them straight away. The anti-dark spots product had a nifty little plastic brush at one end, will let you know how it goes.

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