Hair Disaster: Braid Out & Yodel

I think the delivery men who work for couriers must have a good old laugh when the get back to the depot.

Yesterday I was doing my hair at around 8:00pm. Sebastian and Ruby were in bed my husband, Adam was out with friends. Me Time!! Yay.

HeeHee! Not actually me but you get the picture!

So there are I am naked as the day I was born, having just got out the shower, sitting at my vanity table doing all those womanly things you never get a chance to do ... shaving, lotioning, eyebrow plucking, combing, just the  basic preening that other women probably do every day but I rarely get around to. I had just started plaiting my hair, so its all parted in six and half is up in pins and comb clips when the door bell goes!

Who could that be, I wasn't expecting anyone. Running around like a headless chicken I finally find my dressing gown run downstairs and am about to open the door when I realise I have may hair half out half in plaits, GRR!! Whoever is out there better be prepared for a fright, luckily I hadn't gotten to my face mask yet. I didn't have time to get a towel to wrap around my head, so I open the door a crack and say "Hello" The young man from yodel passes me the package through the narrow slit. HaHa! nothing to sign. Then I say "Sorry, you caught me at a bad time"and eagerly close the door!
Thank goodness the guy had dreads so I hope this is nothing he hadn't seen before. LOL!!

As I retreat back up stairs I finally finish my braid out which comes out perfectly the next morning and I am happy! I had been experimenting with what went on my hair best for a braid out and I think I will stick with applying a creamy leave in like Mixed Chicks and then sealing with my oil mixture ( JBCO, Argan, Pimento, Coconut) then plaiting, after which I spray with a water based leave in like Jane Carter Revitalising Leave In and sometimes I use Rose Water!

Just thought I would share this, LOL!! Has anything similar ever happened to you?

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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