Jamaican Black Castor Oil not actually Black?

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I get quite a few questions sent to this blog about Jamaican Black Castor Oil (of all brands). I think because of the name, people expect a burnt tar coloured substance to come out of the bottle. I am always confused by people who say it doesn't smell burnt enough! There are several fragranced JBCOs on the market and you can add the essential oil smell of your preference if you really do not like the smell of original/regular JBCO.

Detailed Article on the Colour of Jamaican Black Castor Oil here

[The JBCO I bought is]...not as dark as I imagined. The colour only matches that of a brown instead of dark brown. The smell of the oil, was not burnt as read from other articles. Shouldn't it be darker?

The colour of oil is subjective and is usually described as golden brown to dark brown. It is not actually black, but much darker than general pharmacy castor oil.

 Also we don't describe these oils as having a burnt smell but rather roasted aromatic and more like Japanese teriyaki. Yum!  Again this is subjective and many people do not like the smell. 

There are also darkened castor oils on the market sometimes given names like 'West Indian Castor Oil' these are not the same as authentic Jamaican Black castor Oil. They have not been made the tradition Caribbean way and have just been darkened to give a similar colour.

I hope this helps for people that are unsure about the colour of the oil. If you are unsure if the oil you plan to buy is from a trusted source, make sure you purchase from one of the authorised distributors. These are usually listed on the maufuacturers site.


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HDBD said...

Thank you for the post.
JBCO product has always maintained the good quality.
The three colors are fine but i like the dark one best.
Let's hope for the best.