Seven Tips for Relaxed Hair

So you havent joined the Naturalution and you like keeping your hair straight with a relaxer, there are several things you can do to take care of your hair.

As your hair will be more fragile because of the chemicals in your relaxer (these break the bonds in your hair) you will need to treat it a bit more delicately and if you know how, taking care of relaxed hair isnt actually that difficult and doesnt have to be a chore!

Rules for relaxers:

  • Dont relax hair too frequently - The generally rule on most relaxer kits is relax every 6 - 8 weeks, It is probably best to leave as long as you can, 10 - 12 weeks if you can. This gives you more new growth so that overlapping relaxer is harder and allows your scalp to rest.
  • Dont overlap the Relaxer - adding more relaxer to previously relxed ends doesnt make them any straighter, they are already weak and all this does is cause them to fall off. 
  • Wash out the relaxer properly. If you must self relax as I am sure many of us have done at least once, make sure you use the nuetralising shampoo in the kit and follow the instructions on the kit. Some have pre-shampoo treamnets and some ask you to wait 5 mins before washing out. Make sure you follow this and wash out the relaxer as much as you can, 10 times if you have to!
  • Follow the timing instructions, do not leave relaxer in for more time than it says on the box and use the correct relaxer strength for your hair type. 
  • If in doubt take your home kit to a professional and get them to do it for you. 

Moisture - Relaxed hair is dry and needs moisture.

  • Wash your hair regularly, this keeps the scalp clean and brings moisture to your hair.
  • Lock in that moisture in with natural oils - Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, JBCO. So many wonderful oils with so many uses! I fing Jojoba Oil especially beneficial for relaxed hair! 
  • Invest in a good leave in conditioner and moisturise on daily basis. 
  • Deep condition every week. 

Perfect your hair washing technique Shampoo Scalp, Condition Ends

  • Shampoo your scalp not your ends. Over-shampooing ends will strip them of much needed moisture, thus leaving the processed ends extremely dry and prone to breakage. 
  • Condition your ends. Get most of your deep conditioner needs to end up on your ends. 

Careful Styling Techniques

  • Invest in a good heat protectant. Apply liberally before using heat on your hair 
  • Experiment with a few heatless styles 
  • Air Dry your hair. 
  • Avoid metal and plastic brushes and combs as they can pull out and break already weakened strands and cause the dry ends to frizz. 

Know your Products and Ingredients
  • Protein and Moisture balance is important. Try to alternate between the two types of product 
  • Determine how often your hair really needs a protein treatment and switch between protein-based and moisturising products depending on your hair’s needs. 
  • Look for natural ingredients in your products 
  • I recommend trying products with Coconut Oil. It is definitely all it is cracked up to be!

Protect Your Ends

  • Wear a satin scarf at night 
  • Protective Styles to keep your ends moisturised and protected from your collar and cotton clothing 
  • Up dos (such as buns) that look best with the ends tucked in allow you to and protect your ends during harsh weather. 
  • Stay away from regular rubber bands with metal parts because they will rip out your sensitive strands. 

I think I got most of them but If you have tips to share please post! We love to hear from you !!

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