Okra for Both Relaxed and Natural Hair

Okra (INCI: Abelmoschus esculentus) also called Quimgombo, bhindi, Gombo, Okro, bindi, bamia, Lady’s Fingers, Ochro, Okoro, bamiya, and bamieh is the fruit of a plant found primarily in the North and South American, but also in the Caribbean, Latin American and African countries is used as a vegetable. In the Caribbean islands, Okra is eaten in soup or with fish.

Okra is very nutritious. Not only as food but also for your hair and skin. In many South and Latin American countries, this has been used for strong, healthy and shiny hair. Some even claim that regular use of Okra on hair grows stronger and greatly stimulates hair growth. Preparations of Okra can be used as a final hair rinse, setting lotion or natural hair gel and can remove lice. 
Okra (Okra) is a good source of vitamins A, B complex (B6, Thiamin) Vitamin B, C and E, iron, potassium and calcium. It is rich in fiber, low in calories and fat free. Okra also contains Folic acid, calcium and zinc and  is also known for being high in antioxidants.

This makes it a great conditioner for mistreated damaged hair replacing lost nutrients. It is wonderful for repairing both dry relaxed hair and natural hair

Vitamin A contains antioxidants that work to condition and moisturise the sebum in the scalp and fight the free radicals such as pollution that weight down your hair and make it weaker. It also strengthens and thickens your hair so that they  grow faster and break less often. Vitamin B Complex helps with reducing hair loss, slows down the graying process and helps with shine. Vitamin E helps with blood circulation and leads to a healthier scalp.  healthy scalp helps soften and nourish curls and less split ends are produced. Folic Acid Prevent gray hair, makes hair thicker, shinier and adds moisture to your hair reducing breakage. 

Source: Caribbean Curls

This is a great tutorial by Caribbean Curls on how to make our own  Okra gel

If you would rather buy hair product that contains Okra, Dutch company Sisay International make a range of Okra and Flax Products:
Okra Cleansing Cream 
Okra Conditioner
Okra Moisturiser
Okra Jelly
Okra Hair Milk
Flax Shampoo
Flax Conditioner
Flax Aida
Flax Moisturiser

Sisay International sell a whole range of products including an Okra cleanser (rather than shampoo), a conditioner, moisturiser and okra jelly . I am head over heels for their Okra Hair Milk. You can find the Sisay products on the AfroDeity Store.

Evelyn FRO products also has an Okra Cream Shampoo.
  • Lush sells a hair conditioner for dry damaged hair. Lots of Great online reviews for this high street product.
  • Shescentit also has a breakage control Okra conditioner.

Have you made your own or tried any Okra products?

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