@BeautyBar Boutique: For All Your Brown Beauty Needs

@BeautyBar Opens it Doors: Hair Care for Women of Colour 

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Introducing the @BeautyBar Boutique: For All Your Brown Beauty Needs

@Bar Beauty Boutique
Next Stop Arcade
203 Lewisham High Street
London SE13 6LG
@Bar Beauty Boutique In-Store and Online
Women Of Colour (WOC) have been short changed for a long time when trying to locate cosmetics, hair and beauty products that are formulated for our colouring, hair and skin type. While the position has improved in recent years and the large cosmetic houses are finally waking up to the fact that WOC are BIG spenders in the hair and beauty industry, we still cannot find everything under one roof. Mintel and Nielsen studies have documented that African American women spend 9 times more on beauty products than any other ethnic group. In the UK Afro-Caribbean women spend 6 times more on beauty products than any other ethnic group. Globally, buying power in 2015 is projected to be $1.1trillion!

Although some Boots and Superdrug stores stock a very limited range of cosmetics for the WOC e.g. Sleek Cosmetics or Olive Oil Relaxer, this is an intermittent feature which is appreciated but more effort needs to be made. Our Caucasian counterparts on the other hand can pretty much walk into any Boots or Superdrug for their budget cosmetic needs and EVERY department store for their premium beauty lines.

The current trend for all things natural shows no sign of waning and WOC are embracing their culture and heritage in the knowledge that their natural hair is far from ugly and unruly and dark skinned women can be beautiful.

However, skincare, bath/body and hair products specifically formulated for WOC with natural curly and kinky hair are so rare on the high street that entrepreneurial WOC have taken to their kitchens and made their own. Many were also suffering from illnesses, ailments, hair and skin conditions caused by using products containing harsh chemicals, additives and preservatives and made the conscious decision to make their own products using natural ingredients.

Many of these women have gone on to form businesses initially selling to family and friends, but it has been noted that the general consumer often has difficulty locating the products as many are only available online (and can get lost in cyberspace) or at natural hair/beauty events. It has also been observed that WOC need to know that brands are not just selling to them but are genuinely interested in WHO they are. Accordingly, brands are selling to WOC but the dots are not joined.

“We want a store that caters for all our beauty needs” WOC declare:

* We can’t find cosmetics particularly foundations easily on the High Street
* We can’t find hair products specifically for our natural hair easily on the High Street
* The products exist online not in a physical tangible location* We can’t find professional upmarket locations as easily as our Caucasian counterparts 
* Most events for natural hair and beauty products are not for us and make us feel uncomfortable
* Why don’t we have a beauty- retail establishment where you can try, test and chat in a friendly environment

Well this is all set to change if Lorraine James and her @Bar business partners have their way. They have created a one stop beauty shop for the WOC and form a platform for the entrepreneur by providing a retail location and marketing for their brands.

@Bar Beauty Boutique is a store that you can walk into and test the products before buying. We are aware that buying a product that you are not familiar with online can be a very expensive purchase if you cannot return the product for example if the colour match is wrong or you just don’t like the smell of a beauty product.

Launched @Primo Bar London in the luxurious Westminster Park Plaza on Thursday 2nd July 2015, they introduced the first brands which include Isa Marie Skincare, Pooka Pure and Simple, Cake Cosmetics UK and Berry Butter.

@Bar opened the doors of their retail arm @Bar Beauty Boutique on Saturday 4th July 2015. Beauty shoppers will discover a unique beauty buying experience. Visitors will be able to purchase natural handmade and sourced items free from harmful chemical and parabens from some of the UK’s most
talented entrepreneurs in an intimate boutique setting.

@Bar Beauty Boutique
Next Stop Arcade
203 Lewisham High Street
London SE13 6LG

Find your next great product for women of colour in store today!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

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