Shea Moisture Hair Colour System in the UK

Shea Moisture Hair Colour

Shea Moisture Hair Colour System in the UK

When Shea Moisture, a favourite amongst many naturals announced that they were releasing a hair dye, women in the US went crazy. However in the UK we looked on longingly, waiting for these products to be available to us and if you lived in the middle of nowhere like me, you were waiting on your two hour trip to London to find them so you too could have your hair coloured. 

So after many days searching emailing sales reps and phoning around. I found what you have all been emailing me about.

Shea Moisture's Hair Colour System

Shea Moisture claim their dye is a moisture-rich, permanent Hair Colour System with natural and Certified Organic ingredients for any hair type. NO AMMONIA and NO SULFATES. The omission of ammonia is a healthier option for you, your hair and scalp. The products in the system deliver healthy nutrients that minimise damage while delivering superior hydration, exceptional manageability and brilliant sheen. For those transitioning and/ or dealing with thin hair, our hair colour thickens strands while aiding shine and improving manageability. Salon quality results at a great value.

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The system comes in  nine hair colors:
* Jet Black
* Soft Black
* Dark Auburn
* Bright Auburn
* Dark Brown
* Medium Brown
* Light Brown
* Medium Chestnut Brown
* Medium Golden Blonde
* Light Blonde
* Reddish Blonde

You can find these on Amazon:


or on the Beauty By Zara Website or Store

Beauty By Zara

NB: Please in mind that no commercial hair dye will be 100% natural, if you are looking for ways to dye your hair naturally please check our post 

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