Black Female Empowerment: Pearl Woman Magazine

I am so very excited about the new magazine from the fabulous Fauntee Bon and the team at Chub magazine: Pearl Woman

After hearing Fauntee speak about female empowerment and how much further we have to go in terms of female respect especially for those of us of colour, I was incredibly excited to hear more. 

My co-judge from the Diva face competition, Divas of Colour 2015  Diana Tembe graces the cover for the first issue and looks just breath taking! Diana is the executive director of African Fashion Week Amsterdam and is often referred to as 'the black pearl of fashion'.

Pearl Woman magazine is a new women focus magazine coming soon in the UK. The FREE bimonthly magazine has been compared with the likes of Ebony, Essence and some actually has called it Essence of London. Pearl Woman magazine is set to bring you inspiring, fun, career, events, fashion and beauty updates about successful women by professional women. Targeted to women between 25 and 50 years. Profiles of women who finally got it right, interviews from women who are doing it for themselves, climbing the ladders and shattering the glass ceilings in their own way. This is a magazine to give women of every background voice in the most inspiring way. Launching in July and is free and is set to be made available to tens of thousands of Londoners and the world with a free print, and free digital editions. Advertisers, partners, contributors are urged to get in touch now to place their orders. Shops, outlets, beauty salons and spa homes who wish to have free copies for their clients’ pleasure can also contact us. However, to receive your copies first in your home, you will need to pay for the postage and package. This service is available to audience world wide. Simply subscribe on the official website.

Embrace Your Inner Afrodeity 

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