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Amazing news about magazines for women of colour by women of colour keep pouring in
Enter Nahla Magazine

Nahla magazine is a contemporary and pioneering lifestyle, education and fashion publication released seasonally. The publication is a mixture of images and articles with a focus on inspiring and historical stories as well as fashion and photography, it is the ideal hairdressers reception publication.
Founded by 19 year old student Joice Etutu the publication was created to be enjoyed by those who are keen to learn about African, Caribbean and Asian history and culture as well as those who love fashion and beauty.

Nahla aims to promote men, and women young or old who are doing exceptional things within their communities and have inspiring stories to tell. In a generation where your status and self worth is determined by the amount of followers you have on social media, Nahla sets to offer a platform for many young people from all walks of life to voice their opinions and remind them that there is more to life than social media. Ambition is the key to success.

Nahla announces the release of its first issue, which is based on female empowerment. In a world dominated by men, Issue No.1 solely focuses on ambitious, resilient, inspiring, and educated women. Women of substance, women who have more than beauty and are doing everything they can to make the world a better place. Whether it’s through politics, sports, business or fashion Nahla wants to applaud all the women setting a good example to the next generation of young women who also wish to do more than society and their background limits them to do.

The cover of issue one features the winners of Miss Congo UK Joice Etutu, Naomi Mote and Hygette Muhima (Photographed by MC Media) three young women who epitomize what our first issue is about. They all share the same passion for bettering the African community as well as helping their homeland of Congo better their education system and help victims of rape, which is a huge difficulty in Congo.

Nahla’s motto is to Empower Enlighten and Encourage and Issue No.1 has hopefully accomplished the task of delivering all three with the article, features and photographs included. 

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

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