Argos and Afro Hair

After years of only having a very very small proportion of its hair straighteners and blow dryers aimed at those of us who are 'women of colour'. This year Argos catalogue has released a bumper list of products that will work with our type of hair.

All the products have 'ionic technology' which helps lock moisture into the hair. The specifically named Toni and Guy Ionic moisture Lock Afro Dryer was the first to catch my eye, as it comes with 'wide tooth pik' attachment.

After years of having to go to specialist stores to get these type of items and as the last five years having the Wahl Power Pik as the only item you can get from Argos, you can now feast your eyes on whole new range of products especially designed for dry, curly and afro hair.

All I an say is YAY!!!!!, I just have to pop down to my high street and purchase all I need, no more trips to London, Milton Keynes or Birmingham.

What can you get :
  • Shine Therapy 2000W Hair Dryer (£48.75) and 230 degree straightener(£68.49) Ionic and infused with Vitamins A,D,E and avocado oil - page 1045
  • Toni and Guy Ionic Moisturise Lock Afro Dryer- with pik (£38.90) and Straightener(£58.69) - page 1053
  • Sassoon Solutions dryer with pik (£43.99) Ionic and Straightener (£68.99) with setteings for thick/curly hair and setting for Damaged and syntheic hair - page 1055
  • Carmen Hair Straight and Hydrate Ionic LED Straightener(£21.49), Ceramic Ionic Dryer (£16.59) and Carmen Thermal Rollers (£34.25) - page 1055
  • Wahl Power Pik(£24.45) with hood attachment with dryer - page 1057
Also dryers and straighteners on page 1051 from Collinge and Nutriheat which look promising.

I am surely looking forward to see what next years selection from Argos brings, but it seems that even big high street stores like Argos and hairdressers like Toni and Guy can no longer ignore our existence.
So what do you think to that ? Let us know!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity!

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