Protective Stlyes - Part 1

At present as my hair is quite short(shoulder length) I keep it twisted up at the back so that I don't get breakage from my ends rubbing on the cotton collar of any of my shirts. Having it up also means that the moisture is kept in for a little longer and any environmental damage is less.

Unfortunately, having the same hair style everyday, can get a little boring, so I have been reseasrching simple protective styles, that dont require alot of work or maintenance

I am absolutely loving this style and will be trying it in the morning, if it works out, I will post pics. Seems like th kind of style you could keep in for a few days as long as it was covered up overnight. Have you tried this and want to share your pics? Let me know!

The headband is now in fashion, and I try different styles and colours to stop feeling bored with my hair. It is simple and doesnt require lots of styling in the morning and you can change the way you wear the hair behind the headband to suit you.

Not mt favourite thing in the world, but some swear by what are called half wigs. I can understand why some would use these due in part to the ease of addition and removal. They are attached by combs or clips and sit on top of your hair. They are easily removable on a daily basis and are probably good when you are having that 'bad hair day'! Althought they do protect your hair, they are extensions so it is up to the wearer to decide if they are comfortable with this style.

My favourite canerows. Although they initially do take up a lot of time, they can stay in for up to 2 weeks if done correctly, What I love about canerows is that you don't have to do the whole head and they are versatile. Once done they keep the moisture in and a light moisturising spray every so often should keep the hair supple.

Look out for part two of this post

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