European Premiere of Chris Rock's 'Good Hair'

The European Premiere of Chris Rock's 'Good Hair' at the BFM International Film Festival
in London. The date has been set for the 6th of November 2009 at 8:45.

Tickets for the premiere are already sold out, Not sure how many of you will be going to
cinema to see this, but I will be calmly awaiting the DVD.

I will be posting screenings and available dates here.
As soon as I know them you'll know them. No cinema release date for the UK yet as far as
I know

Film Summary:
Produced and narrated by Chris Rock, the award-winning documentary 'Good Hair' is an attempt by the world-famous comedian to answer a seemingly innocent question asked by his 4-year-old daughter: 'How come I don't have good hair?' Good hair being 'white hair', long, shiny and straight, as opposed to natural African hair, which is coarse and allegedly impossible to manage.



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