My Dream Hair Shopping List

My Dream Hair Shopping List

Just thought I would jot down my dream hair shopping list, the stuff I would buy all the
time if I could *sigh* I suppose a girl can dream:

All I want for Christmas!!!

Pre Shampoo


Deep Conditioners

Moisturising Conditioners

Serum and Reconstuctor

Daily Moisturisers

Hair Tools


Phyto Specific Phytorelaxer Index 1 - £32.50

Buy these products and more from 

Affiliate Window is the place I like to go to when I need to treat myself, they are quite expensive, but actually have a section for 'afrocaribbean' hair and the majority of the products I need for a good price.

*AfroTherapy is my favourite online hair store with a hair advisor.

Is there anything you would have added, or something you think works better for you
Let us know!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity!

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