My Dream Hair Shopping List

My Dream Hair Shopping List

Just thought I would jot down my dream hair shopping list, the stuff I would buy all the
time if I could *sigh* I suppose a girl can dream:

All I want for Christmas!!!

Pre Shampoo


Deep Conditioners

Moisturising Conditioners

Serum and Reconstuctor

Daily Moisturisers

Hair Tools


Phyto Specific Phytorelaxer Index 1 - £32.50

Buy these products and more from 

Affiliate Window is the place I like to go to when I need to treat myself, they are quite expensive, but actually have a section for 'afrocaribbean' hair and the majority of the products I need for a good price.

*AfroTherapy is my favourite online hair store with a hair advisor.

Is there anything you would have added, or something you think works better for you
Let us know!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity!



Leilu said...

Thanks Deanna for alerting us to Pak Cosmetics. I have added this to this to the list 'Where to Buy'!

Thanks again Deanna

Linda said...

Mine would have to be anything by Anita Grant!
I love her Rhassoul Deep Condish cubes and she now sells it with Banana. Imagine, Banana and Chocolate on my hair - YUM! Her product line always leaves my hair so so soft!

Leilu said...

Sounds fabulous,I have just ordered the whipped butter from her web page, sounds devine

Afro Hair Products said...

Choosing the right hair products for you is extremely important. If you have dry hair, you need to find shampoos and conditioners to help it.