So you think it cant be done!

I'm sure you've all heard it before, comments from friends and family that start something like this:

'Black people hair can't grow'
'Oh, she's probably mixed race that's why her hair so long'
'That's a weave, I'm sure'

I'd like to tell you that every black woman you see with long hair, spent lots of time and effort growing her hair. Perhaps not, but that doesn't mean it cant be done, that doesn't mean that you too cannot have hair that you are proud of. I don't only mean those of us with relaxed hair, but whether it be dreads, braids, relaxed or natural , you too can have hair that is manageable and that you love.

The most important thing is educating yourself on what is good for your type of hair. There are many ways of going about this from getting a full hair health report from some companies that will take a strand of your hair and examine it under a microscope to getting your info from the internet. The internet is a wonderful tool, but as well as a lot of information, there is also a lot of misinformation, so be careful of your sources.

Others whose journeys I've followed and found inspiration to carry on when I too thought that it could be done:

Who are your hair icons?? Do you think it can't be done? or have you done it?
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Embrace your Inner AfroDeity!


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