Chris Rock's Good Hair DVD @ Amazon

On February 9th , 2010 Amazon are making Chris Rock's Good Hair DVD available for all (in the US) to enjoy. If you are in the US (or have a friend there) you can pre - order this DVD now from Leilu's Amazon US.

For those of you in the UK who really want to get hold of this, as we have not seen an official DVD release date, if you have an account you can order this from the US, unfortunately the shipping is a bit more expensive and the DVD will be region 1, so unless you have a multi region DVD player, this option may not be feasible. I am still waiting to see if and will be releasing this title for us to buy.
Hopefully by February we will have a theatrical release date for us here in Europe.

Dont forget to check out all the products in several categories on Leilu's Amazon UK and Leilu's Amazon US

NOTE: If you re in the UK and plan to purchase this from the US please read all the small print and be sure you do not need to pay any customs charges etc. and have a multi- region DVD player before attempting to order this.

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