My Tangle Teezer Diary - Day 1

In my Christmas stocking this year Santa left a brand new Tangle Teezer, I have only tried it the one time and I thought I would create a diary of my time using this new implement. A Professional Hair brush.

As I pulled it out of the box it appears to e some sort of shiny horse brush.

It purports to be 'A Revolution in hair care' ideal for all types of hair prone to tangles- straight/curly. I have read that it is ideal for afro caribbean hair and wanted to find out for myself.

The Tangle Teezer will gently, effortlessly, and without pain, banish tangles and knots from your hair in an instant.

I can't disagree with this as there was no pain and the 'brush' did effortlessly glide through my hair however taking a few stray hair with it. This has only been my first use and I have got some shedding so I will give it a chance

The Tangle Teezer delivers rapid detangling results on both wet and dry hair, whilst helping to minimise breakage, splitting and damage caused by mistreatment.

Now this was the main reason I wanted a tangle teezer, for the knots I sometimes get when stretching.

Used as a finishing tool, Tangle Teezer quickly refreshers sleek looks. Helping to gently smooth the hair's protective cuticle layer, Tangle Teezer noticeably increases shine, for a professional salon finish.

I will have to investigate this as my Tangle Teezer diary continues but will keep you posted on this new innovation.

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