Where to Buy PhytoSpecific Products - Online Retailers UK

"PhytoSpecific fuses innovation and technology with the purest botanical ingredients such as Quinoa and sunflower oils, Hibiscus flowers and Barley Milk Llipe butters. Each ingredient is specifically chosento nourish and treat the hair and scalp, safely and effectively. This premium line of botanical hair care products caters specifically for Naturally Curly, Frizzy and Relaxed hair types."

Following on from the Where to Buy Lists here is a list of places you can get a hold of PhytoSpecific Products for those of you here in the UK. Some of these places also ship internationally. Also try AfroDeity's Where to Buy Directory

The original online British beauty boutique. The ultimate Mecca for hair, beauty and all things gorgeous, lookfantastic.com offers over 14,000 products from more than 400 brands across hair, make up, skin care, nails, electrical, fragrance, health , home and organic.

Hair and Beauty on Amazon.co.uk

Gorgeous Shop - Delivery Worldwide

AfroTherapy - Delivery to the UK and Europe

Must Have Direct - Worldwide delivery

My Hair and Beauty - Delivery to UK, Europe and the US

I hope this list is helpful, If you do know of anywhere else please comment

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