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How do you keep your hair from getting brittle if you don't use a blow dryer?  I find that I can barely comb my hair some weeks if I don't blow dry my hair when I wash it.

I guess it has to do with keeping moisture in your hair and this is acheived by washing your hair regularly and using a good leave in and sealing in that moisture with a carrier oil. Your hair shouldn't be getting brittle if you are keeping moisture in. Blow drying  (unless with an ionic blow dryer) is just taking moisture out of your hair. I also brush my hair back to keep neeat while it air drys so the strands are straight and smooth. Cover with a scarf overnight helps keep it shape. Here are some quick tips to prevent that dryness:

  • I have to note here that moisture does not mean greasy or oily. Do not use oils and pomade that make your hair feel greasy if it doesn't feel soft and easy to manage and is just weighed down by the products it is probably contributing to your dryness.
  • Put down the blow dryer and the curling tongs, excessive heat o the hair, will make it feel dry and brittle.
  • Dont forget you are what you eat ... or drink, if you are not consuming enough liquids, that can also affect your skin and hair and make you feel dry both inside and out. Try drinking 1 - 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning and see if this makes a difference tou your hair over time.
Good Leave In Conditioner
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Good Carrier OilOlive Oil 
Palmers Olive Oil Formula Hair Scalp Conditioner Spray £4.70 @ Leilu's Amazon or the Extra Virgin Oil from your kitchen( check it contains no salt is good too

Good Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner
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Hope this is what you meant and that my answer has been helpful
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