December 2010 Hair Update

February 2010 December 2010

Just thought I would upload pictures of my latest attempt at self -relaxing!
Came out really well and the Jamaican Back Castor Oil always helps protect the ends and my sensitive scalp. My hair is incredibly thick, and I have definitely been more successful achieving thickness than length.

Anyhow, stretching has really helped and I would say I am now borderline APL but have a little ways to go yet. Most of the other blogs I read show people with incredible length in a short time. My growth has been slow but maybe I am not vain enough with it. I definately dont treat my hair like fine silk, like I should. Maybe if I am a bit more careful I will acheive a bit more next year.

As I am so close to APL my new goal is to have thicker hair and reach Bra Strap Length (BSL). It may take me another year though, but stay tuned and see how I get on.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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