Myths and Legends Afro Hair - Part 4

Myth: If you have good hair, ie curly/ fine hair  you can grow your hair longer than someone with bad hair.

First off, there is no such thing as good hair/bad hair! Learning to manage your hair type gives you healthy hair, it can only be called bad if you don't treat it with care and that is not genetic, that is just you giving your hair the care it deserves. All hair is good hair! 

Using the right products is only the start, our diets all dictate how healthy our hair is. Other things like stress can also affect the health of our hair. I had severe hair loss after a particularly gruelling project at work! So eating correctly and reducing stress can also be important for the helth of your hair.

If you have thick curly hair, wavy thick hair or curly thin hair, you still have to know how to maintain it, in order for it to grow.

For thicker hair, I recommend lots of moisture for a start, both inside and outside the body, this will help combat any coarse effects. So drink lots of water and use moisture based products to combat coarseness. Once the hair feels softer the world is your oyster. I would love to have thicker hair. Getting thicker hair under control is most of the battle.

For thin hair, my hair secret has got to be anything with castor oil, coconut oil or ylang ylang oil. Great for thickening up hair - Jamaican Black Castor Oil every time. Stick to a good regime with these products and you are already half way there.

Love your hair, thick, thin, curly, straight and work with what you've got.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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