Where to Buy Black Hair Products In Stores in the UK

Hi Everyone, 

While researching on the internet over the holidays, it came to my attention that quite a few people are still unable to find the hair care products that they need. Most people would like to walk into a store and purchase the products after they have touched and felt it 

So if you really aren't interested in getting your hair care products online (We have a comprehensive list here on this blog) we will be detailing ways to find those must have products today, whether you are natural, relaxed or in between.

Xandys Hair Shop
Xsandy's Hair & cosmetic store located in Lewisham Shopping Centre is the only hair and cosmetic store in the South East of London owned by Afro/Caribbeans. 

Xandys Afro Hair Store London

57, Blenheim Shopping Centre, 190 High St, London SE13 7EX
Phone:020 8318 4417
Hours:  9:30am–7pm

@Bar Beauty Boutique
An online and in-store experience. @Bar Beauty Boutique provide a platform for independent beauty brands, giving them an avenue of distribution and awareness through our retail stores and website, and to give the woman of colour access to brands and products specifically formulated for their hair and skin type.
At Bar Beauty Boutique
@Bar Beauty Boutique
Next Stop Arcade
203 Lewisham High Street
SE13 6LY 
Facebook: https;//www.facebook.com/BarLDN
Twitter:    https://twitter.com/BarLDN
Web:        https://www.atbar.co.uk

Zara Hair And Cosmetics
  1. In London & Essex - Online and In store

    You can find your Shea Moisture Products here including the Shea Moisture hair colour dye
    Beauty By Zara
    Address: 395 Walworth Rd, London SE17 2AW
    Phone:020 7701 6655
    Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Boots the Chemist

Main stream stores like Argos and Boots sell some black hair care products like Shea Moisture and Hair Dryers you can see our article on Argos and black hair for more info.

Selfridges and John Lewis
Although these are large department stores, they sell ranges of products which can be used on black or afro hair.
Selfridges has the GHD, Phyto and Frederic Fekkai ranges in their stores and lots of helpful staff to help you with the product for your hair type.
John Lewis has the beautiful Ojon Oil range.

My favourite hair dresser in North London who also have their own online store with the best costumer service and who I thoroughly recommend. They also sell items in store, but if your not sure where to shop online this is a good place to start. They sell KeraCare, Joico, Phyto, Root2tip, Curls, CurlyQ and Morrocan Oil.

To find a local Hair dresser check out No Scrunchie. The online site for afro Caribbean salons with peer reviews.
No scrunchie


Black Hair and Beauty Magazine new online magazine site.

ItzCaribbean also has a directory of black hair salons in the London Area

Other ways to get started are just to search google, yahoo etc, but you can email us here at AfroDeityUK and we can connect you with the products you need, no matter where you are, in the UK or abroad.

If you know of any  hair care stores that you would like to highlight, let us know we are always eager to get info on great hair care stores and salons.

Email me leilu@afrodeity.co.uk

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity


Aron Ranen said...

please take a moment to check out my documentary Black Hair...about the Korean Take-over..posted it on youtube..link

update from London

Sharon Brooks said...

Since the close of Black Cosmeric / Black hair products, there are some of us who are stuck. Muchless searching online.

I'm looking for simple things like,
Sweet Georgia Brown, (red tin) Soft and precious and Shea Butter. (100%).

Where can we find these things now? Without being told, "we only take orders over 200£".



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Sophia Willam said...

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