AfroDeitySkin Crossover: Pendeza Pantyhose - Day 11

Another crossover post for AfroDeity Skin:

I wore my Pendeza tights out to dinner the other day. When I asked my husband what he thought, he asked whether I was wearing the tights right now. To me that is a result! 
He couldnt even tell, I was muy impressed. I really like this range of tights and recommend them to anyone looking for skin colour tights for women of colour. They are also of really good quality and I managed to return home without any runs in my tights. 

Pendeza Tights are available in the UK from the AfroDeity Online Store!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity


Anonymous said...

Pendeza tights are the best. I love the way these tights look and feel on my legs. They are so sheer, silky and very durable. Sometimes I forget that I have them on. They are the perfect "invisible" tights for darker skin tones.

Dukes said...

Ijust purchased a few pair I will give my review as soon as I get and wear them for my b/day..Keeping my fingers crossed.