Natural Relaxer Challenge

I have been intrigued over the last few weeks by an article I found on relaxing black hair naturally. So at eight weeks post relaxer, I have decided to give if a go. I know that I won't get instant results like with a chemical relaxer, but for the next 3 months I intend to try it and will post details of my progess.

When reading the ingredients on relaxer bottles and many shampoo and conditioners I am always shocked by the ingredients. Having spent most of my adult life in a laboratory, I wouldn't touch some the ingredients without the proper ventilation, gloves, labcoat and googles and for some of the powders, a mask!

I would do all that at work then come home and lather some of these substances all over my head! I guess I had always convinced myself in the past that this was necessary. I suppose you can convince yourself of almost anything, So to achieve the look that I want, is there an alternative? Can I keep my hair straight, as that is the way I prefer my hair at the moment, without using harmful chemical? 

I will be looking at these natural relaxers, here is some information I found on eHow about these relaxers:

  • Olive oil has moisturizing properties. It is loaded with antioxidants. You can apply it to dry hair and using the right amount will relax curls, and prevent frizz. Heat the olive oil and massage it into your scalp working it into the ends of your hair. Be cautious not to overheat, causing burns. After you've finished massaging, wrap your hair in a towel. Warm the towel first, using your clothes dryer. Leave the towel slightly damp. Now lay around for a couple of hours while the "liquid gold" penetrates.
  • Cocoa butter is used to supplement the natural oil in the hair, combining with it to add a protective coating to each individual shaft of hair. This can turn loosens hair curls, minimizes tangling and allowing for better control when styling. It also provides protection from the harsh elements. 
  • Fresh coconut milk is another natural solution for straightening. For a homemade relaxer, grind up the flesh of a fresh coconut in a blender. Measure out a glassful of the blended coconut. Now squeeze the juice of a lime into the coconut juice and stir thoroughly. Refrigerate it until a creamy foam develops on top. Massage the cream into the scalp and cover with a hot towel for about an hour. Wash out with shampoo and rinse well. Repeat several times a week. Your hair curls will gradually relax and straighten out.
  • It is important to make sure that any of these natural products that you may buy from the store is virgin and does not contain salt.

Well I will try olive oil to start with and post pics . Will keep you posted, hopefully by the end of this I don't tear my hair out, quit and go back to the chemicals. LOL!

If you wish to join me on my crazy quest email me at, I would love to hear from you!

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