Good Hair Habits

Hi again,

Gosh I certainly have a lot to say for myself today! I just thought I'd point out what good hair habits are.

1) Keep a hair journal - maybe take some pictures and note what products you have been using. You will be amazed at the difference. This is really useful if you think you aren't making progress, the pictures will help you to see where you were, where you are and help visualise where you want to be.

2) Establish a good routine - This will keep you from neglecting your hair and even if you miss a step or stage, you are aware of it and will try to correct it accordingly.

3) Use a good shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Choose products with alot of natural ingredients and try to avoid products with mineral oils. Natural oils are much better.

4) I like to pre-poo before I shampoo my hair once a week. It is up to you to Decide how often you are going to shampoo, co wash and deep condition your hair. You could shampoo your hair weekly and co wash every 3 days, then deep condition every week if you have time. See what works best for you!

5) There is no need to "grease" your scalp or your hair. Most black women will need extra moisture in their hair but products with petroleum are not heathy for our hair. Petroleum makes hair stiff, dry and greasy. However natural oils (coconut, jojoba, olive, or castor) or natural shampoos and conditioners are a great for your hair, but use them sparingly.

6) Heat styling shouldn't be overdone, try doing it once a week. Heat styling can seriously dry out your hair. Use a heat protective lotion or spray before styling.

7) Moisturise your ends and be sure to keep them moisturized so you don't end up with split ends. Seal your ends with a natural oil like coconut or castor oil.

8) Make sure you sleep on a silk/satin pillowcase or tie your hair up in a satin/silk scarf so your hair can stay healthy and won't break or tear. Silk pillowcases will also help prevent acne because there is not as much bacteria on them every night.

Hope this helps when you are developing your good hair habits!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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