Help! I lost my Tangle Teezer!

Agh! I had a work related thing today and as usual left my makeup and hair to the last minute. Suit on, bra tucked, no VPL, makeup in place and no threads hanging, ready for business. So all I have to do now is comb my hair and rush down to the car right....wrong!
After applying leave in and sealing oils I wanted to style my hair back in a pony tail. This usually involves brushing it back with my tangle teezer. However I went away for the weekend and I couldn't see it in my suitcase... Argh! What am I suppose to do now? I found an old pin point brush and started to use that and I could feel my hair being torn out. I just couldn't carry on with it, I didn't realise how dependent I had gotten on the damn thing, and when you are 10 weeks post relaxer and stretching, a comb just isn't enough and takes too long.

OK, OK let's search the entire house again... sigh I am going to be late!

Luckily I found it in one of the kid's bags... YAY!
Brushed my hair in a flash without breaking all my hair off and off to meeting in time ... PHEW!

I use my tangle teezer daily and have found it to be a life saver for my ends especially when stretching. I didn't realise I used it so much and one year on, I am very happy with this purchase. I don't use it to actually comb my hair through but smoothing and brushing my hair back it is perfect. Obviously you do get some hairs in the brush but nowhere near as much as with my bristle boar or pin bristle brushes.

So after a year I have to give the Tangle Teezer the thumbs up!!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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