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Here is an article from one of my other blogs, AfroDeitySkin, on some tights that I have been trialling that I though some AfroDeities might be interested in:

As you will be aware getting the right skin tone for tights as a woman of colour can be nightmare, and can also generally be quite expensive. This is where a company called Pendeza gets it right. I tend to wear jet black tights as getting brown tights that actually match your complexion can be a pain.

Obviously with my problem of scarred legs tights is a must have in my wardrobe with when I am wearing skirts. 

My Pendeza Pantyhose turned up over the Christmas break and I was really excited to use them. I choose the Tone 10 as I thought this would be closest to my complexion and it was spot on, I think they would be okay to use if I tanned a bit as well. These tights come in 5 tones and are of excellent quality. On the website the darker tones are harder to distinguish between but from the  one I ordered it seems they can be used for quite a large range of skin tones. The tights are smooth and the material strong so they didnt snag much. I am awful for keeping my tights snag free.

You can buy these tights in the UK from the AfroDeity Online Store!

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