On a Budget (Part 1) Pre-Poo Dry Brittle Hair

Remedy for Dry Brittle Hair (eHow.com)

I found a really good pre-poo recipe for dry hair on eHow that I thought you might like. So if your on a budget, and don't want to have to buy expensive products this recipe for a pre poo can help revive your dry brittle hair and wont cost you the earth.

Use a mixture of avocado(hydrates and nourishes), olive oil (conditions), honey(adds shine) and coconut milk(nourishes and conditions). Apply to hair before shampooing, from root to tip. Leave on hair for 45 minutes to an hour - Do this once a week. (I tend to shampoo once a week and I always prepoo before shampooing)
Use luke warm water, if water is too warm it will remove moisture from the hair. You should see results in 2-3 weeks, then you can do this treatment once a month to maintain.

See eHow for more useful recipes.

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