Swimming and Afro Hair

I have recently gone back to swimming, taking Sebastian with me once a week. For some reason the first week I went I thought I wouldn't get my hair wet. Of course I did. Obviously the Chlorine in pool water can seriously damage our hair in the long term. You really need to be careful when it comes to swimming.

My tips
(this what I do anyway. Tinker with this as you see fit for your hair)
  • Before I leave the house I put a decent lathering of avocado oil on my hair like a pre-poo.
  • Then when I get to the pool I wash my hair through in the shower, if your hair is full of clean water it makes it harder for the chlorine etc. to get into the strands.
  • The alternative would be to wash the hair through and then apply the avocado oil, but this can depend on your pool set up.
  • On leaving the pool I wash it out in the shower straight away
  • Once home I shampoo my hair - twice a month this must be a clarifying shampoo to help remove any excess chlorine or residue.
  • If you go swimming more than once a week it is probably worth co-washing and shampooing only once that week.
  • Then I use the K2H Deep Conditioning Treatment Mixed with the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. I leave this in for an hour while I sort out the kids etc.
  • In the past I have also deep-conditioned with Coconut milk or mixed in avocado/egg.
Once washed out hair feels amazing and I style as usual. I always air dry when I do this swim regime as i don't want to damage the hair anymore. If you have a swim regime let us know what you do to keep your hair healthy.

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