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After receiving a few emails this week asking for advice on products to use I thought I better address the issue of Regime and having good hair habits.

There is no miracle hair product to make your hair grow longer (especially if you think this can happen overnight) and you have to love your hair the way it actually is, no product can really change the texture of your hair, it grows from the roots a particular texture and you have to get to grips with that first before you can truly learn how to manage it. Even if you relax or braid your hair eventually your hair will grow.... from the root and you really have to appreciate that this is your hair before you can even begin to develop good hair habits.
That being said a lot of your research into products that are good for your hair will be mainly down to trial and error and recommendation.

  • Good Regime - Don't believe the hype there us no miracle product but how you use the products is important. Washing your hair at regular intervals, removing the dirt from your scalp, introducing moisture and protein to your hair with conditioners and alternating between them.
  • Time - Your hair wont grow overnight you need to give it time to adjust to your new routine as with anything else. You need to give it time.
  • Good Hair Habits - Introducing a pre-poo into your regime, balancing protein and moisture and rotating products. I also find taking pictures of my hair regularly gives me an idea of where I was and where I am now and gives me a sense of acheivement or shows me where my hair needs work.
Write to us if you want to know more and let us know what your regime is and how long it took for you to get there!

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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