On a Budget (Part 3)-Whats in Your Kitchen?

Home Remedies for dry brittle hair
I met a friend of mind the other day and she was upset because her hair was perpetually thick and difficult to manage. She had relaxed the hair three weeks ago and it was already difficult to comb. I had a look at it myself and her hair was so incredibly dry it didn't surprise me she couldn't comb it. at the thickest point she had lots of broken short hair because she was combing harshly due to hair feeling thick. The problem wasn't that her hair was thick and needed relaxing more often (we often convince ourselves that our genetics is what makes our hair unmanageable). But if she acquired some good hair habits her dry brittle unmanageable hair could easily be maintained. I suggested the mane and tail conditioner I use to co wash once a week and the Ojon hydrating shampoo to wash once a week. Also the K2H 365 leave in conditioner to use every day.

However, You don't have to spend copious amounts of money to maintain your hair, everyday things in our kitchens will also do the job.
  • Mayonaise, eggs, avocado and even banana are known fr their replenishing properties and are great for infusing moisture.
  • Olive Oil is good as a hot oil treatmnet for dry brittle hair.
  • Vinegar is useful for conditioning and treating dry scalp and hair.
Do you know of any other home remedies, Let us know afrodeityuk@yahoo.co.uk. 
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