Five Tips to Get Your Hair Ready for Autumn

Janine Van Throo of Sisay

Five Tips to Get Your Hair Ready for Autumn
Guest Post by Janine Van Throo 
Product Formulator and Owner of Sisay Natural

You must have already noticed. The temperature has started to drop. It won’t be long before winter is actually here again. This means it’s time to start preparing your hair for the cold days that are headed our way.

To help you with your preparations, we want to give you five tips to get your hair Fall-Ready:


As you might already know, strong and healthy hair starts from the inside out. This means we shouldn’t underestimate the power of our daily intake. Try drinking enough water (1-2 liters every day), and don’t forget your Sishake in the afternoon. This wonderful milkshake, that comes in many flavours and variations, contains all the essential ingredients that your hair needs to grow healthily from the inside out.
If you feel a little impatient about the speed of your hair growth, try using MSM together with your daily Sishake.


Your scalp is the base of your hair. Make sure you start out right by giving your scalp a well deserved cleansing treatment. Our scalp cleanser is a shampoo designed especially for the scalp.

After you finish your cleansing treatment, it is time for a wonderful moisturizing treatment. This can be done by using essential re-growth followed by the follicle awake formula. These two oils both have a specific function. The essential re-growth nurtures your follicles., The follicle awake formula was designed to re-activate follicles that stopped functioning. This creates a re-birth of your hair


Treating your hair with a good conditioner makes sure your hair stays hydrated. Treating yourself with a deep-conditioning session every two weeks during fall is a great way to keep your hair in shape. Another way to prepare your hair for the cold days ahead of us are hot oil treatments.


This shouldn’t be a surprise either. If your hair is moisturized, it doesn’t break as easy as dry hair would. When your hair has to deal with low temperatures, a lot of its moisture goes to waste. Make sure you moisturize your hair on a daily basis. Doing this by just getting your hair wet in the shower won’t suffice, better yet this could damage your hair. Use a cream base product like our Flax Moisturizer to give your hair all the fluids it needs, together with all the essential oils and vitamins.

Protective Styling

You can protect your hair in many ways:

a. Protective styles: There are a few protective hairstyles you could use during winter. These styles make sure you don’t have to touch your hair too much. Protective styles include cornrows, braids (with or without adding synthetic hair), scarves, caps and beanies for when you go outside. Other alternatives would be wearing wigs or weaves (if done correctly)

b. Wrapping your hair when you go to sleep: Wrapping your hair before you go to bed can help detain the fluids in your hair. Try not to use a cotton scarf but try using a satin one. If you are the type of person that can’t keep a scarf in place, try sleeping on a satin pillow.

c. Sealing: Try sealing the moisture in your hair. First you moisturize, then you seal. After you’ve applied the moisturizer to your hair, seal it by applying an oil or a wax next. Give your ends some extra care since they are extra vulnerable

you have got our tips now.
Pleas tell us how you prepare your hair for the fall



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