Question: Can Oil Dry Out My Hair?

can oil dry out my hair
I keep seeing this on various forums and posts, that a particular oil being used is drying out someone's hair. Oils do not Moisturise. They can seal moisture into the hair or act as humectants and draw moisture in but they do not actually moisturise the hair.Applying an oil to dry hair will not moisturise it. A build up of oil may even block moisture not being able to actually enter the strand.

If you use oils here are some tips and information for using them regularly

1. Moisturise first then apply the oil to seal the moisture in.
Always apply moisture in the form of a water based leave in conditioner or even water. Do this to clean hair. Use your oil to seal the moisture into the strands. The ends are the oldest, most fragile and can be the driest part of our hair. Concentrate moisture here.

2. Use an applicator bottle if trying to get oils to the scalp
If you are using an oil on your scalp, an applicator bottle will help get it on the scalp more than on the hair strands. Wash the hair and scalp regularly to avoid build up which can cause scalp problems. 

3. Keep Hair Clean to avoid build up
Dry scalp issues can result from getting lots of oil on the scalp and not keeping it clean. Bacteria and funghi and other micro organisms breed in dirt and oil. Keep the scalp clean.

These are more effective when sealed in by an oil or butter. 

5. Moderation
Don't overdo it. As with anything, always apply oils in moderation. 

Coconut Oil is a great source of protein, it is one of the few oils that has been shown to penetrate the hair shaft. Used correctly this can be a wonderful oil however you also have to be careful of protein overload so again everything in moderation. It is important to keep a good protein and moisture balance. Don't know which one your hair needs See Here.

I do hope this is helpful

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