Jamharics: The Children of Zion

More great films coming up and found this crowdfunding campaign for a documentary about 'The Children of Zion' interesting!
Monday 14 October 2013, London United Kingdom ----- A crowdfunding campaign is underway for a documentary that will unveil a part of Rastafari history, that remains largely untold. 

One journalist wants to tell the story of a people in turmoil. International journalist and director, Nadine Drummond, presents Jamharics: The Children of Zion. This groundbreaking feature length documentary tells the story of a group of repatriated Jamaicans currently battling a bleak reality.
These pioneering Jamaicans and their descendants built the oldest Rastafari settlement in the world. The town of Shashamane in southern Ethiopia is the religious and spiritual home to about 800 Rastafari men, women and children. It is unique in Africa in its longevity and its diversity but its existence has been ignored and its contributions written out of history. The Rastafari community face multiple threats it must overcome if it is to survive. 
The aim of the film is to raise awareness, document their legacy and, most importantly, galvanise the support needed to give the people of Shashamane a phoenix-like emancipation from their current trials.The Rastafri of Shashamane are a major part of Jamaican and Pan African history and should be celebrated as such.
Drummond's campaign aims to raise $40,000 which will assist in producing a compelling documentary capturing the stories of these forgotten people. Her passion for people has sent London-born Drummond’s career internationally which has included time working with CNN in Atlanta and her current role as a producer at Al Jazeera in Qatar. Nadine has already committed a year of her life to telling Shashamane’s untold story.
“The pioneering Rastafari community in Shashamane are the best examples of trailblazers. They stood against the prevailing norms of society and not only survived against the odds but fought to create their own! How could I not tell this story? You know, someone of us grow up thinking we want to change the world, but we’re told it’s impossible. I never believed that and have been developing the skills to make a difference wherever I can. With your help I can make a huge difference here.”
Fifty percent of the proceeds from this film will go towards supporting existing community based programmes and developing new ones. The fund will assist  projects like the Ancient of Days programme, which provides medical and healthcare support to the original pioneering community members. It will also develop a sustainable HIV/Aids project which will help the community effectively prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and care for those affected with the life threatening disease.

The campaign for Jamharics: The Children of Zion runs until early December 2013.
You can find out more and contribute to the official crowdfunding campaign http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jamharics-the-children-of-zion
Visit the official website at www.jamharics.com

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  • If you would like an interview with the film’s director, Nadine Drummond, please contact Juanita Rosenior at Afrobase on +44 (0)7534805159 or email nita@afrobase.co.uk
  • The film is due to be filmed in January 2014 with its cinematic release later on in the year.
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