How To Care For Dyed Natural Hair

As you know I dyed my hair using Shea Moisture Hair Color System and ColorCones . This has required me to take extra care of  my hair. So our new blogger Zunammie has put together a list

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How To Care For Dyed Natural Hair

Sometimes a bold new colour is just what you need to spice things up with your naturally curly hair. Most of us naturalistas have considered using a natural hair dye at one point or another but few of us who are brave enough to follow through on this desire actually know how to properly care for dyed natural hair. Failure to give your dyed hair the extra care that it needs can result in damage such as spilt ends, breakage and even hair loss. Whether you have already coloured your hair or you are just thinking about doing it, here are some tips that you can use to care for dyed natural hair to reduce the risk of damage as well as improve the overall health of your hair.

Moisturise Regularly 
The process of dyeing your natural hair can be stressful and it is important to consistently moisturise when you colour treat your hair. Use sulphate free shampoos as they will not strip your hair and they will also help your colour to last longer. Ideally you want to deep condition your hair with a deep conditioner that is made specifically for dyed hair every time you wash it to help it retain more moisture. Be sure to distribute your deep conditioner thoroughly, working it from the root to the ends of you hair. It is a good idea to do regular protein treatments as well; they will also help with moisture retention.

Wear Protective Styling 
Wearing a protective style can go a long way to help reduce the damaging effects of dying your hair. This is especially true in conditions where natural hair is more vulnerable to breakage and split ends like in cold winter weather. You should try to wear your dyed hair in a protective style most of the time to help prevent these types of damage and it will help your hair to retain more moisture as well. When you have a protective style you will also have less need for heating tools like dryers and flat irons. Using these types of styling tools when you have dyed hair can cause even more damage.

Take Long Breaks
While you want to keep the colour of your dyed hair looking fresh you should resist the temptation to do regular touch ups on the colour. Try to put as much time between retouches as possible to give your hair some time to recover from all the chemicals that are in the dye. When you use hair dyes that have bleach in them this is even more important. After you dye your hair your hair shaft will be delicate and disposed to to breaking so it will need as much time as possible to recuperate before you retouch it. When you do retouch, concentrate on the roots so that you do not over-process your hair. 
Now that you know how to correctly care for dyed natural hair you can go ahead and colour you hair in confidence. Taking proper care of your dyed hair will protect it from damage and help your colour to stay vibrant and gorgeous for longer. Go rock that colour sister!

Do you have any tips that you use to care for your dyed natural hair you would like to share? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know.  

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