I used to dread dinner time: Enter Hello Fresh

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As I mentioned in my first post this year I'll be taking a healthier approach to my food and everything I eat. This has been spurned on by my eczema getting worse, putting on a little more weight than I'd like and generally feeling tired, dermatitis on my scalp and I attribute a lot of this to my poor diet. I don't drink or smoke but I have an awful addiction to sugar as many of us do. I know that just a change in diet isn't enough. And I know I cant change everything in one go. So over last year I gave up one thing and then another. This year I have given up sugar.

Cooking for my family of four is always stressful we each have a different allergy or my husband might be attempting a different diet, so each of us might have a different variation of the meal, and trying to get organic or healthy version of things makes my shopping bill rocket as it does for many of us.

So in my attempt to be tackle my poor health I have so far given up dairy and refined sugars. It has not been easy but I am constantly driven by trying to improve my scalp dermatitis and hypo-pigmentation as this is most visible part of my body.

Enter Hello Fresh

I love the intricate step by step menu, even for a non cook like myself (I have burnt water in the past), I produce amazing meals that my children actually eat. No one gets up from the table and grabs a cook book and asks me to "Follow the recipe next time" (Sebastian when he was six). No one whines and screams that they don't want it (Ruby every meal time). Actually dinner time is quite pleasant! and quiet! for a change. They all say "Thank you for the lovely meal" and I (in my shock) just reply Thank you!

The meals are full of organic vegetable and ever meal is a delight. We are encouraged to try foods we would never dream of trying and I know my kids are getting a healthy dinner.

Even though there are allergens or hot chillies, they are easily removed and information about any allergens is on each menu. There isn't a gluten free meal box but there is a vegan one. I do imagine there will be more choice soon. So far I have not had any problems deleting dairy from my meals. But only time will tell. So far its just been a matter of omitting a sprinkling of cheese. Its not perfect in that respect but better than before. At least I can plan for any omissions.

So how does it work?

Well after going in for one of the Hello Fresh discounted boxes to start, I received my first box in the post. Yes meat and fresh vegetables delivered to your door. I couldn't believe how much food it was for £60 and the quality of the food... wonderful! Each box contains just the amount of spices you need and no more. So I can finally toss out that bottle of thyme I bought years ago and rarely use and is possibly mouldy. Also no more take aways for me, these meals are twice as good and even though it is only four meals a week it is so much food we have enough with leftovers for 5 - 6 meals some weeks. 

The Hello Fresh chefs create a balanced and nutritious meal I love that I am getting a weekly dose of ginger and plenty of garlic, things I rarely buy. They source fresh organic ingredients and its delivered to your door. 

My grocery bills are reduced and I only buy a few cereals and the odd weekend lunches. 
I recommend Hello Fresh completely. Every day feels like I am a judge on MasterChef tasting delicious food or on a Lurpak advert.

Hope this helps someone

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