Support Farm Up Jamaica

Support Farm Up Jamaica and help stop importation of foreign food in Jamaica

I have spoken about this project before and as you know we at AfroDeity are really excited about the work that these guys do. In case you missed it:

"Farm Up Jamaica is a non-profit organization formed to assist Jamaican farmers in the cultivation of organic food and reduce the importation of conventional inorganic and genetically modified (GMO) foods. Helping to reduce Jamaica’s imports and increase the export of high quality foods, will help to balance the economy and Jamaica can truly live up to it’s historical worldwide standard of producing the best.

Most Jamaican farmers have been unable to succeed over the years mainly due to the inability to establish markets for their crops. Other reasons include lack irrigation, no disaster recovery assistance, and no true subsidies for farmers. Farm Up Jamaica has formed alliances with Jamaican food manufacturers worldwide to guarantee markets for crops both locally and internationally.
Your donation acts as a subsidy to offset some of the up front costs associated with farming. WE DON’T HAND OUT MONEY, instead we provide assistance to farmers in need of land preparation, the use of farming equipment, organic seeds, organic fertilizers and treatments, technical support, training and more. All of our endeavors are monitored by our international volunteers and local affiliates to ensure that the food is being farmed to specification and goes to market as agreed." - FarmUp Jamaica

We hope to continue to support Farm Up Jamaica in 2016. One of the newest projects involves a scotch bonnet seed farm in St Elizabeth.

The scotch bonnet pepper seed farm – save a farmer’s greenhouse by helping him grow pepper seedlings - Farm Up Jamaica

We have developed Jamaica’s first organic, non-GMO scotch bonnet pepper seed bank in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. This will be the indigenous “cup and saucer” scotch bonnet pepper, which is the pepper of choice locally and internationally amongst Jamaicans. Seed banks will play an important role in accessing organic seeds to be planted on the island in the near future. All net proceeds from the sales will go back into our Farmers Fund to help more distressed farmers.
The project costs $15,000 and is already 75% funded. Any additional funds raised will be used to pay workforce to (a) transplant the seedlings from the greenhouse into the ground and (b) improve irrigation of in the field.

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