2009 Top 5

2009 Top 5 Best Products
  1. Elasta QP HTwo Leave in Conditioner - one of the best leave ins I bought in Toronto
  2. PhytoSpecific Vital Creme Bath - Heaven in a pot, stops breakage, bang and the ends are gone
  3. Tropic Island Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil - JBCO!!
  4. Joico K Pak Deep Penetrating Conditioner - Hair feels amazing after use, less breakage - simply amazing!
  5. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration - great hydrating condition and quite inexpensive

2009 Top 5 Places to Buy
  1. AfroTherapy - great customer service and quick delivery
  2. Roots and Sculpture - quick delivery and products I can't find anywhere else
  3. Leilu's Amazon - great range of products
  4. Must Have Direct - fast delivery and great packaging
  5. Anita Grant - great natural range

Happy New Year Everyone!

Time to set some new hair goals and for me I plan to get to APL (armpit length) by September 2010. What are your hair goals and your best products of 2010? Let us know.

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My Tangle Teezer Diary - Day 1

In my Christmas stocking this year Santa left a brand new Tangle Teezer, I have only tried it the one time and I thought I would create a diary of my time using this new implement. A Professional Hair brush.

As I pulled it out of the box it appears to e some sort of shiny horse brush.

It purports to be 'A Revolution in hair care' ideal for all types of hair prone to tangles- straight/curly. I have read that it is ideal for afro caribbean hair and wanted to find out for myself.

The Tangle Teezer will gently, effortlessly, and without pain, banish tangles and knots from your hair in an instant.

I can't disagree with this as there was no pain and the 'brush' did effortlessly glide through my hair however taking a few stray hair with it. This has only been my first use and I have got some shedding so I will give it a chance

The Tangle Teezer delivers rapid detangling results on both wet and dry hair, whilst helping to minimise breakage, splitting and damage caused by mistreatment.

Now this was the main reason I wanted a tangle teezer, for the knots I sometimes get when stretching.

Used as a finishing tool, Tangle Teezer quickly refreshers sleek looks. Helping to gently smooth the hair's protective cuticle layer, Tangle Teezer noticeably increases shine, for a professional salon finish.

I will have to investigate this as my Tangle Teezer diary continues but will keep you posted on this new innovation.

You can buy your Tangle Teezer from Amazon


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My Christmas Haul

Happy Holidays All!

Of course for Christmas I asked Santa to leave lots of hair items in my stocking

  • Toni and Guy Afro Moisture Lock Ionic Hair Dryer
  • PhytoSpecific Vital Force Creme Bath
  • Mixed Chicks Leave In Conditioner
  • Tangle Teezer
  • Curls MilkShake
  • Curls Quenched Curls Moisturiser
  • Joico K Pak Leave In Protectant
  • Joico K Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor
  • Joico K Pak Intense Hydrator

Reviews of a few of these in the next few days

Thanks Santa!

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Black Hair Care 101

Are you new to the whole looking after your hair thing? I bet you have been bombarded by words and phrases that make no sense or are confusing. AfroDeity UK is here to make sense of the madness with a few defintions.

APL – Arm Pit Length
BSL – Bra Strap Length
EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
EVCO – Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
JBCO - Jamaican Black Castor Oil

PrepooPrepooing is 'conditioning' your hair prior to a shampoo using an oil or conditioner, protecting your hair from the harsh shampooing process. It provides a barrier between the hair and the harsh detergents in the shampoo, and is absorbed into the hair shaft. Helps keep in moisture, helps in detangling hair and makes it softer and smoother. Also pre-conditions dry hair that may be full of water after a shampoo

How to Pre-Poo is a good start to starting your prepoo regime, but no one know better than you what works for hair, so try a few different things and let us know what helps you!

I currently use castor oil and organix coconut conditioner mixture as my pre-poo and the results are amazing - less breakage and it feels like silk. Prepooing helps keep moisture in.

Cowashing - Co washing is cleansing the hair with a conditioner rather and a shampoo. Excellent if you have an active lifestyle. Going to the gym and shampooing everyday is a definite No, No. This cleanses the hair enough and is great whilst streching your relaxer. I co wash twice a week after I am more than 6 weeks post and shampoo once a week usually on the weekend so that I can deep condition.

I currently shampoo once a week on Saturdays and co wash with Curls ecstasy tea tree conditioner on Wednesday

Deep conditioning – Especially if you have chemically relaxed dry, brittle, damaged hair. I usually deep condition by dividing my hair into sections applying my conditioner (protein/moisture based and cover with a plastic cap. I leave this on for an hour without heat. Most people I know sit under a dryer for 15-30 mins but I prefer to stay away from heat. It's good to deep condition at least once a week.

Sealing – usually with a carrier oil ie. Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The oil lock moisture into your hair for longer.

Stretching – leaving more time between relaxers.

Dusting - An extremely light trim. Cutting only 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch off the ends of hair. Prevents split ends

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A Pill to Straighten Your Hair?

"Australian researchers at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research have discovered a "curly hair gene," which could lead to new hair treatments that don't involve using damaging hot irons".

Read Full Story Here

Would you take a pill if it meant no more relaxers or hair straighteners?

Seems a bit extreme to me, but so does putting dangerous chemicals on your scalp. How far will we go for beauty. I 'm up for a little bit of vanity but genetic manipulation. No Thanks !

Let us know your thoughts, Facebook or Twitter.

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Essential and Carrier Oils Unmasked

Those of you just starting out on your hair care journey will have found multiple references to both essential and carrier oils. These have varying benefits eg. keeping it moisturised and more manageable.

Grease from petroleum based products is not the same as an essential oil. Products with petrolatum, or petroleum do not moisturise your hair. They coat your hair preventing moisture from getting in.

Here is a list of some of the oils I find to be useful or plan to try in future:

Carrier Oils

These are oils that can be used directly on the hair/scalp. Carrier oils are also great for sealing in moisture after you have used a leave in moisturising conditioner. I usually apply my daily moisturiser then seal that moisture in with a carrier oil.

Sweet Almond Oil - I have heard that this oil is good for dry and dull hair. Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, and essential fatty acids.

Olive oil - Olive oil conditions the hair and scalp providing softness, it is also easily absorbed by the hair. I usually get extra virgin oil from Tesco (no salt) and use as an effective pre-poo.

Castor oil - Castor oil helps to seal in moisture.It is a humctant ie. attracts moiture to the hair. It also makes hair softer, promotes growth at the scalp and causes hair to become thicker with regular use. You already know that I am partial to the castor oil of the 'Jamaican Black' (JBCO) variety and I cannot recommend this enough.

Coconut oil - Oh the heavenly smell. This oil is another moisture sealer leaving hair feeling soft.

Vitamin E oil - Vitamin E oil is great for rejuvenating dull, dry, and damaged hair when used regularly.

Jojoba oil - Another of my favourite sealers. Due to the tight coil pattern of our type of hair we produce very little sebum (the scalps natural oil) resulting in the dryness and breakage which is very common. It is easily absorbed by the hair and scalp and provides excellent lubrication and smoothing.

Essential Oils

These oils are pure concentrations of certain herbs, plants, or seeds. For some people these can be used directly on the head/scalp but I would recommend mixing them with carrier oils and other products, especially if you have sensitive skin. There are many of these availavle on the market but I will only name a few:

Cedarwood Oil - This is an astringent, antiseptic, balances production of sebum, and stimulates the scalp.

Chamomile Oil - Chamomile adds sheen and conditions the hair.

Eucalyptus Oil - removes dandruff and has antiseptic properties.

Peppermint Oil - stimulates hair growth and reduces itching. Another great smelling oil

Grapefruit Oil - is good for stimulating hair growth.

Tea Tree Oil - is used to treat dandruff and kill lice. It balances production of sebum and stimulates the scalp.

Ylang-Ylang Oil balances production of sebum and stimulates the scalp.

I hope this is helpful

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Where to Buy Jamaican Black Castor Oil in the UK

Places to Buy Jamaican Black Castor Oil Online
 that are based in the UK

sunny isle jamaican black castor oiltropic isle jamaican black castor oilfountain jamaican black castor oil

Purchase the all Jamaican Black Castor Oil products from AfroDeity
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AfroDeity Ltd
An online store showcasing natural caribbean inspired products for hair & skin. Founded by a mother a daughter, AfroDeity was started around the knowledge of healing herbs, oils and butters passed down through the generations and culminating in a descendants great interest in science. We believe in the ability of our customers to be able to buy safe natural caribbean cosmetic products in the UK and EU.
Simple. Natural. Effective. Contact :sales@afrodeity.co.uk.

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    Curly, Kinky, Relaxed, Mixed-Race, Bi-Racial, Multi-Ethnic, Afro, Mediterranean, Metisse, Latino - However you describe your naturally curly hair type, the product range and haircare advice you are about to discover has been carefully put together to give your unique hair the attention it deserves.

    gidore website

    sheabutter cottage logo
    Sheabutter Cottage is a fair trade, ethical business based in Sonning, Reading (UK). We offer handmade Cioccolatina natural toiletries and exotic butters & supplies not forgetting our AshantiGirl range. We take great pride in sourcing quality ingredients directly from farmers/producers or through community projects.

    shea butter cottage website

    Got to Be Natural
    We aim to help you nourish your skin with natural organic ingredients to make your skin and hair look and feel beautiful. With the help of our pure & natural ingredients, treat your skin to natural oils, butters, shampoos, conditioners, soaps as well as moisturizers for all ages and all skin types to help you and your loved ones to look and feel good naturally.

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                                                             hair 9 logo
    We are Hair 9 and we are committed to providing black hair care treatments and hair products to women with black and ethnic hair in London, Manchester and Birmingham throughout the U.K. 

    hair 9 store


    Many brands in one place
    In London & Essex (or online)
    Beauty By Zara

    Address: 395 Walworth Rd, London SE17 2AW
    Phone:020 7701 6655
    Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  • Keep your eyes peeled for shops in your area that stock this product and let us know so we can ad to our 'Where To Buy' list!

    Comments below

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    Chris Rock's Good Hair DVD @ Amazon

    On February 9th , 2010 Amazon are making Chris Rock's Good Hair DVD available for all (in the US) to enjoy. If you are in the US (or have a friend there) you can pre - order this DVD now from Leilu's Amazon US.

    For those of you in the UK who really want to get hold of this, as we have not seen an official DVD release date, if you have an Amazon.com account you can order this from the US, unfortunately the shipping is a bit more expensive and the DVD will be region 1, so unless you have a multi region DVD player, this option may not be feasible. I am still waiting to see if Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.ca will be releasing this title for us to buy.
    Hopefully by February we will have a theatrical release date for us here in Europe.

    Dont forget to check out all the products in several categories on Leilu's Amazon UK and Leilu's Amazon US

    NOTE: If you re in the UK and plan to purchase this from the US please read all the small print and be sure you do not need to pay any customs charges etc. and have a multi- region DVD player before attempting to order this.


    Where to Buy PhytoSpecific Products - Online Retailers UK

    "PhytoSpecific fuses innovation and technology with the purest botanical ingredients such as Quinoa and sunflower oils, Hibiscus flowers and Barley Milk Llipe butters. Each ingredient is specifically chosento nourish and treat the hair and scalp, safely and effectively. This premium line of botanical hair care products caters specifically for Naturally Curly, Frizzy and Relaxed hair types."

    Following on from the Where to Buy Lists here is a list of places you can get a hold of PhytoSpecific Products for those of you here in the UK. Some of these places also ship internationally. Also try AfroDeity's Where to Buy Directory

    The original online British beauty boutique. The ultimate Mecca for hair, beauty and all things gorgeous, lookfantastic.com offers over 14,000 products from more than 400 brands across hair, make upskin carenailselectricalfragrancehealth , home and organic.
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    I hope this list is helpful, If you do know of anywhere else please comment

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