Do I have a Hair Obsession?

Family and friends constantly laugh at my 'hair obsession' as they call it. I am a little confused by this as I would never laugh at someone who is on a diet and tell them they were weight obsessed. Just because I have decided to change the way that I care for my hair doesn't make me obsessed, just mindful. I set my self a goal and I made my way towards changing something about myself.

So I dont really see this as an obsession but as a positive change. 

  • I started washing my hair more frequently.We bathe everyday and yet some think it is acceptable to keep our hair and scalp dirty for days or weeks on end.
  • I now keep a hair diary and a picture vault. How can I keep on complaining about my hair not growing, if I dont know where I was a year ago and if the products I am using are any good. Also I have set myself a goal to work towards 
  • I now find time for my hair. I have always found time for my skin( I guess I must have a skin obsession too) because of my eczema. I wash my skin and moisturise it daily. I guess I have just extended this chore to my hair and scalp as well.

How much do you really want to change your hair habits? I suppose you actually have to want to change, as with anything weight loss, education, damaged skin. There is no point continuing on the present course and expecting change, You have to want it and work towards it.

So how you get started:

1. Take a picture, today, tomorrow, whenever you feel you need to start and ask yourself am I happy with my hair ?
2. Throw out al those haf bottles of product that dont work have never worked but yet you keep buying. I suppose I am not saying through out the stuff you used your hard earned cash to buy, but at least take a good look at it and decided if it will actually help you on your new journey.
3. The internet is a great resource. Quite a lot of inspiration to be found here.
4. Start washing your hair weekly. Water is good for your hair. You will see a change.
5. Set a goal, What length hair would you realistically be happy with.
6. Dont expect your hair to grow to MBL in a month or even a year, if you dedicate yourself to this journey, you will see change and growth in time. Everyones hair growth is different and so is everyones journey.

I hope this helps you get started.

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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