Types of Conditioner

There are several types of conditioner which you should be able to find in you local hair care store but what are they for?

This is the type of conditioner you find most on the UK market which targets 'dry hair' usually the ones in Tesco or Boots, they usually gave snazzy names like 'Moisturising Nourishing Conditioner'. These conditioners are usually designed to replace the moisture that has been taken out of out of your hair. Hot weather, excessive heat styling can be the main culprits of this. Afro Hair in particular needs more moisture than other types of hair and should be used regularly. Moisturising your hair ensures it is less likely to get dry and brittle and break.

Oil Treatments
Natural oils which penetrate the strand and stimulate the blood flow to the scalp are great conditioners to use on a regular basis because they keep the strands nourished from inside out. They are able to penetrate the strands where other store bought conditioners can sit on the outer layer of the hair. Mother Nature knows best. A good prepoo or just using as a deep conditioner can be a good way to revive dull lifeless hair. A good steam treatment with the right oils can help to maintain supple, strong hair. 

Strengthening/ Protein Conditioners
Excessive chemical processing, causes hair to lose much of its outer layer leaving it thin and unable to lock in the necessary moisture it needs to stay long and healthy. A strengthen conditioner helps to build back that outer layer, temporarily. The stronger your strands are the better it is able to withstand the daily manipulation of stylingStrengthening conditioners do not need to be used as often as the moisturising conditioners, perhaps only once a month or even once a week for severely damaged hair in order to build up your hair.
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