How I Blow Dry and Straighten my hair

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As I said in my last post about air drying I do sometimes use a blow dryer, I just do it in moderation, maybe once a month or every two months and on special occasions and i also use a heat protector. At the moment it is the GHD heat protector for dry hair but I have also been know to use the Jane Carter Solution Leave In Revitalising Spray, which is also a great detangler.

Here is my step by step hair drying routine

1. Detangle hair in the shower - gently with a wide toothed comb, or just fingers, go through hair, please bear in mind it is fragile when it is wet so BE VERY GENTLE. Fingers are probably best. Slowly detangle your hair and bring it back in one direction on the head.

2. As I get out of the shower I wrap my hair in a muslin square or t-shirt ( as with Hairlicious T-shirt method). I leave along with wringing or rubbing my hair for 5 - 7 minutes.

3. I apply Jane Carter Solution Wrap & Roll to my hair , followed by the GHD heat protectant and my usually daily moisturiser. Then I seal the ends of my hair with an oil. Usually Coconut Oil or Castor Oil. The oil molecules are larger than the water molecules and as such keep the moisture in your hair. This is an important step as the blow dryer and/or straighteners pull moisture out of your hair. 

4. I then part the hair in four sections and blow dry each section.

5. After I have blow dried and before I striaghten. I apply a very small amount of moisturiser. Just a little as if your hair is to wet it will sizzle under the straighteners, so make sure you have dries it properly.

6. I then straighten my hair.

Other tips: moisturise and oil your scalp before blow drying in the same way as you di your hair to avoid drying the scalp.

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