GTD your hair journey

GTD or getting things done is a organisational method created by David Allen. I have followed this method of getting tasks done in every aspect of my life except of course in my hair and skin care regimes.
I mean why would I apply these methods here. But I have found that here is another place that I can truly GTD in my life.

Principles of GTD:

  • Identify
  • Remove
  • Create 
  • Prioritise
  • Do
Before you even start GTDing you need to do two things 1) Tidy Up - Remove all the things in your hair life which you feel are harmful rather than helpful. 2) Mindset - Change your mindset. Your long hair journey or just your hair journey is possible you just have to change that negative mindset that keeps telling you its is not.

How to apply this to your hair, GTDing your hair:

1. Identify: 
  • What in your hair life isn't in the right place.
  • Do you have the right tools for your type of hair or lots of the wrong ones. 
  • Do you stress and pull your hair out.
  • Are you using the correct relaxer or natural hair care products
  • Why do you have dandruff? dry scalp? breakage?
2. Remove
  • Get rid of stuff that isn't appropriate for your hair type.
  • Get rid of stuff you dont use anymore - why are you keeping it?
3. Create 
  • Create a hair care diary or picture vault to record your journey 
  • Join forums or groups that will help support you on your journey
  • What does you hair need most, a trim?, moisture?, protein?
  • Put your head in the right place for your journey
  • Start at the top of your list of hair needs and work through them one by one
5. Do
  • Just Do It
  • If you dont at least try, you will never know your try hair potential
  • Start your journey and do those things on your list now

This is my interpretation of GTDing your hair. Anyone else GTD? Have I got it right? Anything else you want to add?
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