Snow Snow Snow

Snow all night here. 13cm. Of course as soon as Ruby (1) and Sebastian (4) were up they wanted to go out into it. 

It was -3 this morning so wet hair is a big NoNo! So if you washed you hair last night or this morning make sure you dry it properly before venturing out. Wet hair can freeze and break off more easily.

With this type of weather I stick to a few simple rules. So here is my hair routine:

Apply leave in conditioner and seal in with a natural oil. Hair is moisturised and protected and oil keeps the moisture in.

Cover with a satin scarf. With the woollen hats and synthetic fibres you get on the high street, you'll want to protect your hair from damaged caused by snagging on these fibres and that awful drying effect they have. I hate touching my hair after a woollen hat has been in it so dry and therefore prone to break more easily.

Put winter hat over sarin scarf covering ears.

Might seem short, but will keep your hair protected from the cold weather

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity

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