Swimming and Afro Hair - Part II

I have been out swimming with Sebastian and Ruby again the last few month so her are a few helpful tips for all you ladies who love to swim.

Rule 1 : Wear a Swim Cap - seems obvious, i know, it may not keep all the chlorine out, but it will go a long way in helping. It may not look attractive but it will keep some water off your hair.

Rule 2: Plait or tie your hair up so that as little of your hair is exposed to the water as possible

Rule 3: Before going swimming, I use an oil on my hair, usually avocado oil, then I wash it out before entering the pool. The hair is then saturated with clean water and this should make it harder to become saturated with pool water.

Rule 4: After swimming, rinse your hair immediately. As soon as you are able shampoo and deep condition your hair.

Rule 5: Save washing with your weekly shampoo or 'Wash Day' for the day that you swim. Co-wash if you swim more than once a week.

Rule 6: Invest in a swimmers shampoo - now this is something I have not tried but have read a lot about. I tend to use a clarifying shampoo instead and only do this once a month. Most of those swimmers shampoos were probably not formulated for afro hair so I would check ingredients.

Rule 7: Invest in a good deep conditioning treatment - This is essential after you have shampooed your hair.

These are the rules I follow at the moment and I thought I would share with you. It would really be great to hear from other swimmer ladies, Especially if you have braids or natural hair. How do you care for your hair?

Have you given up swimming or do you have a set regime. Post. Email. Let us know

Embrace Your Inner AfroDeity 

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