Black Hair Blogs for Kinky Coily Hair in the UK

 Hair Blogs for Kinky Coily Hair in the UK

When I started my hair journey in June 2008 with the post 'A Little Bit of Vanity' there were only a few British hair care blogs. I am so glad that there are so many of us in the UK are now on their hair care journey and that some have embraced the natural look. Here are some of the blogs I have stumbled into and a big shout out to all the UK ladies who are reading this!

The Natural Lounge
If your hair is curly and you want to wear it in its naturally curly form, or you are thinking about it and want to know how to take care of it, then The Natural Lounge is for you.  Its also a resource for information on natural health, skincare and lifestyle products.

Combing England For Afro Curls 
An Investigation into Afro Hair in England: Combing through the knots in Afro Culture. Viewing the changes that are taking place due to trend towards emracing natural hair througha journalists eyes. 

United Kinkdom by Crystal Afro
A blog dedicated to celebrating Afro hair and the experiences of UK Naturals. Dont be a stranger, spread the word and lets keep Uniting the KinKdom Love Crystal Afro x (Natural since Jan 2011) (Contact:

Natural Belle: Hairspiration
Natural hair and beauty blogger since 2008; Belle of Naturalbelle is a British mother of 1, who documents her hair journey and highlights natural beauty and style in the mainstream. She describes her blog as "an online magazine inspired by natural hair and fashion with a bit of narcissism thrown in."

Care For Your Hair

Encouraging others who are natural or thinking to go natural to embrace their natural hair, to make them confident in ‘rockin’ their hair and to remind them that those curls, koils and kinks  are beautiful no matter what others may think. Also offers hair care tips, advice, product reviews and giveaways.


If you have ever struggled with growing your hair, join Leilu (A scientist and working mum of two, self certified nerd and academic ) as she continues her journey to grow, healthy, strong afro textured hair. Whether you are relaxed or natural, from the UK, Europe or further. 

Loc Evolution
One of the few uk loc blogs out there. UK blogs about traditional locks are hard to come by. This blog takes you through Narjs journey with traditional dreadlocks/locs in the UK. 

Natural Hair Blog UK

My Long Hair Journey
A blog which follows the hair care adventures of Tola and Mo-hair; two sisters on a quest for long healthy hair.

Love Your Tresses is a London based blog reaching out to those desperate to embrace and nurture healthier hair.  Its mission is to encourage healthier hair growth through the simple act of loving your tresses, and logs the venturesome journey of a young female as she strives to achieve exactly that.

Naturally Random

The Natural Haven
Blogger JC is scientist in UK with a passion for hair! Based in the UK,her blog answers hair questions from a scientific view point. Email

Email or comment if you are a UK blog, we really would love to hear from you !!!

Nuff Respect!


A Simple Thing said...

Natural Belle at She talks about fashionn, hair and, well, it's just really good!
And JC at The Natural Haven is a amazing - she specialises in hair, but from a scientific point of view, thus debunking myths and reassuring a lot of people!

What to do with frizzy hair said...

Great post. I just located your blog and wished to let you know that I have certainly loved reading your blogs. At any rate I’m going to be subscribing to your feed and I really hope you are writing again soon.

AfroDeity said...

So happy to hear from you. Hope you find something useful!

Katty Peri said...

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